A smart investment in women and water

A smart investment in women and water

March 22, 2017

Together with Water.org, we have helped empower smart women like Aisyah through access to safe water.

Aisyah is a wife, a mother, and a farmer. Most critical to all of her roles is time. Asiyah explained, “Time to work my rice fields means more money I can make for my family; our life is better.” As a smart business woman growing one of Indonesia’s most desired crops, Aisyah recognized lack of access to water at home as the main obstacle keeping her from having the time needed to farm.

Until recently, a typical day for Aisyah included
waking before sunrise to walk a few kilometers, all
for the purposes of collecting water. Her options for
water varied
– a river, a community pump or her neighbor’s bore well – none reliable. After several back- and-forth trips to collect enough water for her family’s needs, finally a tired and often frustrated Aisyah made her way to the rice field.

It is for people like Aisyah that Water.org created WaterCredit. Water.org connects them to affordable financing, empowering them to install household water connections and toilets at home. A smart solution for a smart business woman, Aisyah knew water at home meant more time to produce a larger harvest. With these benefits in view, she confidently approached taking a loan to construct her very own water tap

Now the obstacle between Aisyah and time to work has been removed. And now, as we have seen for millions of others, Aisyah continues to change her world.

This World Water Day, give to Water.org and empower a woman like Aisyah to change her own world.

Link: http://bit.ly/WaterDayAisyah