Our journey began out of insight and awareness to bring about change through worthy causes. Through this passion, we wanted to create something authentic and beautiful. Spawned from a true act of love, we embarked on creating art that later translated onto beautifying yoga mats. For decades, mats have allowed us to practice yoga, though a trip to your big-box retailer will quickly show you that most mats are simply commercialized for profit. Little care is given to the quality, performance, and design let alone the purpose to a higher, connecting, and spiritual cause. We felt that the time was right to embrace the art and our love for beautiful grounding exercises to create something unique. 

Our mats encompass the quality, eco-friendliness, performance and now design that optimally performing mats should be. Additionally, we have taken on various causes to help support organizations that are dedicated to saving our beautiful planet. Social and environmentally responsible practices are part of the oneness we've connected to through our own practices and excercises. By doing our part, together we can create a viable social and present environment that will save our future. With your help, we can help change and bringing awareness to causes that not only reflect our divine and beautiful time here, but can bring about help and support those in need.  

We do hope you'll love using our mats just as much as we've loved making them. We're certain that they'll be a hit at your next session, but more importatly we do hope you communicate the reason you made your purchase. While our mats may be worth a thousand words, without your voice we can only help so much. We do thank for your courage and practices, we know you're already an ambassodor to a higher cause fully encompassing body, mind and spirit to help spread love and joy throughout the universe.


Max Rivadeneira
Founder & CEO