• Size: 68 IN x 24 IN x 4mm
  • Microfiber Top
  • Natural Tree Rubber Bottom
  • Water Based Inks
  • Unique Designs 
  • Retail Boxed

Our mats are designed to have a little give but also absorb the sweat as you work out. Initially, the mat may seem smoother than some of the sticky mats many users are accustomed to. While grip is an important factor in any mat, most mats fail to address functional properties of the mat, context of exercise and their user's need to beyond the basics. Yoga transitions require the freedom to engage your muscles and move or slide freely across your mat from one pose to another. If your mat is too sticky, a simple transition can easily pick up and drag your mat off the floor. Attempting a graceful split becomes an impossible task on most mats. Having too much grip also cheats your muscles from holding or transitioning through various poses in yoga. In traditional practice, yoga is often done on the floor, a rug, sheet, or a towel. However, the largest problem with high sticky and non-porous mats is that they fail when you need the grip the most. As you sweat and your workout progresses, the sweat simply has nowhere to go but directly between your mat and your hands causing slippage and possible injury.

Microfiber mats solve this dilemma by using a top made from popular yoga towels. They absorb a ton of sweat without puddling or compromising your workout. They remain flat and smooth but provide a luxurious, high quality feel. As you workout and begin to sweat, tiny fibers collect sweat particles and keep you from slipping. The more you sweat, the better the grip actually becomes as you transition through your workout. The fibers still allow functionality and movement to slide as needed, but do not create the dangerous slip conditions most mats inherently carry. If you prefer a little more grip at first, spritzing the mat with a bit of water to increase the microfiber tack can be helpful. Hand lotions before your workout can also affect your grip on any mat. 

We believe in making products that are consciously made in efforts to keep our planet breathing. Digital, non-staining water based digital inks are use to create the beautiful designs we worked on creating. For the bottom, we use a natural tree rubber bottom which doesn’t kill any trees. Trees are bled for their glue and used to make the rubber. This is a totally non-slip bottom. The top is a digitally printed microfiber top similar to yoga towels. Our beautiful retail box together makes this a great gift and is made using 100% recycled materials.

As needed, we recommend that you wash your mat with mild soap and water. While some washing machines can was them, it is important that you check there is a non-moving drum function to do so. Most users simply hand wash and hang dry.  

Getting involved goes beyond work. It has no borders and no prejudices. It is not based on financial or special interest groups that seek to further destroy our home planet. Authentic efforts are never contained and always find a way educate, increase awareness, support and love the mission. Soul Obsession is committed to global awareness and conservation efforts to help save our planet.  With the help of incredible organizations like the WILD Foundation and We strive to make a difference one mat at a time. Your purchase from any of the yoga mats found in the Wildlife Collection  or Spiritual Collections raises 5% of product costs to help support their efforts.  

Wild     & Water

You are free to test and make sure they grip for you.  If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will accept returns provided the mats are unused and complete with packaging within 30 days of purchase.