Soul Obsession is committed to global awareness and conservation efforts to help save our planet.  With the help of incredible organizations like the WILD Foundation, we strive to make a difference one mat at a time. Your purchase from any of the yoga mats found in the Wildlife Collection raises 5% of product costs to help support WILD and their efforts.  

Awareness to the growing problem faced by our world needs your immediate support.  We are dangerously changing our environment and the beautiful creatures that inhabit Planet Earth. We'd love for you to buy a mat, but choosing not to doesn't change our message or our efforts. We ask that you do your part to help raise awareness and get involved, someway or somehow. By connecting us to the beauty of our environment, we can continue to enjoy life's incredible biodiversity while preventing the mindless eradication of land, exploitation of people and the senseless killing of animals.  


5% of Product Costs from our Wildlife Collection supports Wild.org


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The WILD Foundation works to unite people and decision-makers around the world to create an ethic of care for wild nature, so that wild nature can continue to care for us. Our work includes:

•Spark and facilitating the first continental-scale conservation agreement.

•Organizing diverse and powerful actors to forge a roadmap for protecting half the planet (Nature Needs Half) which science tells us is necessary to preserve Earth’s life-giving processes.

•Establishing a global agenda approximately every four years to produce coordinated action and collective impact for wilderness.

With the help of Soul Obsession, The WILD Foundation is helping to keep our planet wild.

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